Client Comments on Working with Maximum Value Marketing

At the Wine Road, we have been lucky enough to work with Rebecca Germolus for several years. What started as the occasional marketing seminar for our members, or just brainstorming with us about events has morphed into a regular gig of writing our blog. She has turned the blog we started somewhat haphazardly into a creative, necessary marketing tool. She crafts two posts a month that grab your attention, incorporate endless amounts of useful information for our visitors, which entices them to read more. She is the master. Rebecca’s mind is always thinking of ways to tie all of the ends together to create the perfect package. We would be hard pressed to find anyone else as in-tune to the wine industry and to consumer trends.

As we have complementary skills, I have been fortunate to work with Rebecca Germolus and Maximum Value Marketing for many years. We have served on committees together and worked with clients together always to the benefit of the committees and the clients.

Rebecca Germolus has a sharp and focused approach to marketing. Through her company, Maximum Value Marketing, Rebecca delves into the background, strengths, and weaknesses of any business with which she works. She also has the ability to understand what is important and achievable for the owners and manager of the business. Her knowledge and abilities are undisputed.

Rebecca, you have done an excellent job on our club newsletter—translating such technical information into language that is understandable but does not dumb it down too much, as we pride ourselves on the sophistication of our wine club members.

Rebecca’s tasting notes are always so tantalizing, our customers can’t resist purchasing our collection!

Rebecca was delightful to collaborate with as we were developing a proposal for restructuring our Direct-to-Consumer program at Wilson Winery. Her experience and understanding in the wine business along with her ability to customize a solution to meet the need made her a valuable asset.

Rebecca has patiently coached me through creating several iterations of our small family winery web site over the past ten-plus years. Her decades of expertise in the idiosyncratic wine industry are a treasure. She is a vital asset to every phase of planning, writing, and publishing wine marketing materials. Rebecca is savvy in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. She can write precisely descriptive, mouth-watering wine tasting notes that inspire any sommelier. Her relaxed, personable nature makes her a pleasure to work with—practically therapeutic.